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Winter's Fire : (The Rise of Sigurd 2)
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If you were smart you'd walk away. He looked back into the trees lining the run. You can start now.

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Subjects Fantasy Juvenile Fiction. I was just thinking that it needed something a little more exciting than all the romance. But despite her experiences in the past, I loved how she isn't meek or scared of every little thing. Their relationship was the most well-drawn part of the story. It kept my interest the whole time. The Culpeppers are in the area, because they know that there is gold on Sarah's ranch and they are willing to kill for it.

I opened my mouth. Closed it. Maybe I really was an idiot, to think that he and I were beyond this. His scatting of me like I was some cat at his screen door. I need to know what's going on. In Asgard. He thinks it might provoke the elders. And he's afraid for his mother. Why do you keep asking me that? Anger rose in me again, tightening my chest. How the hell am I supposed to know?

Winter Fire Series

I'm not an Asgardian. I don't know anything about any of this. He stood, slowly, and stepped toward me. When he was too close, he peered down into my face. My heart hammered so fast I couldn't have counted the beats. It took everything I had to hold his gaze. After a moment, he turned and started toward the trees. Fen followed. With every step he took my desperation thickened, became sticky in my mouth, weakened my legs. I watched the line of his footprints growing longer in the snow, and finally blurted the last thought that came to me. He stopped mid-stride, Fen pulling up beside him.

His back rose and fell a few times with his breath and then he half turned, glanced over his shoulder and raised a brow. It was his mother. Forest Gump's mother said 'stupid is as stupid does. The moment froze, the hail the only evidence that clocks, everywhere, were still ticking, and then he spun and strode toward me. Again, too close, his eyes heavy on mine. The elders will come, he said. They will do whatever they have to do. Hunt us all down. They will never let this stand. He paused, and then went on. Sif was detained as soon as Thor was caught plotting to lure your friends across the bridge, but he confessed to everything and convinced them that Sif was innocent of any knowledge of it.

She has been released, but they are watching her closely. And they will not hesitate to use her to get to the others. Another pause. Like I used you. These last words were a stab. The hail pummeled my head and shoulders, growing heavier by the second. I had practically begged him to stay, risked everything for him that day on Bifrost.

My focus returned, but he was already disappearing through the evergreens. The last thing I saw was the gray flick of Fen's tail as they vanished into the shadows. It was tough to ride in the hail. Even with my gator pulled up under my goggles so that not one inch of skin was exposed, the visibility was sketchy and the runs were slippery and rough. I hadn't bothered to lie to Bren regarding my whereabouts for a long time, and when I finally slid into base and saw him waiting for me, I was reminded of why.

He always knew. I followed him into the lodge and we shrugged off our outer layers in silence. Bren walked over to the fireplace and tossed his gloves and instructor's jacket on the hearth. I let mine fall next to his. He stared into the fire, head lowered, hands on his hips.

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It was the way he stood when he was brooding. I watched the fire turn his hair to copper and felt the familiar flutter in my stomach, but the ride down had left me spent, mind and body. We stood like that, staring at the coal charred carpet, until the fire seemed too warm.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Dubay's ability to create striking and evocative descriptions of Book 1 of 4 in The Winter Fire Series (4 Book Series). Winter Fire (Only Series) (): Elizabeth Lowell: Books.

I let myself fall into one of the worn arm chairs and looked up at him. He lowered himself down onto the hearth. The firelight was a corona around him. A weary god in his beautiful gloom. I felt the thought come on as sarcasm, but it sunk into truth before it crested. A jolt of real remorse ran through me then. I had seen him distracted, disappointed, furious…but this was different.

I felt like I had taken things too far.

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And what were my options? Physically stop you and deal with your resentment? Lose you so that I have no influence at all over what you do, what happens to you? Between you and us. He glanced down at the carpet and then up at me again. You are not…one of us. What he's capable of. How far the elders will go to have things back the way they were. You are not one of us. I knew this. But it hurt to hear him say it. I tried to move on. I've tried to tell you. Over and over again. You saw how bad things got on the bridge.

And that wasn't even close to what could happen to any of us if we're not careful. Any of us, Jenna. And you're the weakest link. For a moment, I was convinced I would wake up in my bed and have to shake this off. A bad dream. Then I sort of floated in the sadness, unable to react. He started to speak a few times, struggling to take it back and failing, and then I was rising, weightless, gliding toward the door. I was halfway across the deck when Frieda bounded up the stairs and strode toward me. She gripped my arms, stopping me in my tracks. I watched Dag and Frey appear over her shoulder and as she glared at Bren, they faltered in their steps, shuffled over to the railing, and regarded each other with wide eyes, straining not to glance at us.

In other stories Loki is always the bad guy but in this story he isn't entirely the villain, especially if you find out about what he did in the end.

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I had a hunch from the start that she's going to be bitchy towards Jenna. And turns out, I was right. The story focuses more on the romance than the adventure stuff but I really liked it. I like how the story didn't end in a cliffhanger. And when I found out that there will be a sequel to the story, I was really delighted.

The story is so beautiful that just one book wouldn't do it justice. If you're a fan of Riordan's books then you are likely to love this book too! I couldn't recommend this highly enough. View all 3 comments. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This book didn't go the typical mythology route, but instead featured Norse gods. I know next to nothing about Norse mythology, so most of the information was fresh and new to me. I liked why the gods were at the resort and I liked the conflict between the two separate groups that were featured Bren vs.

I especially liked the whole focus with snowboarding. Some of the most interesting scenes were w I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. Some of the most interesting scenes were when the gods or Jenna was going up and down the hills. Oh, and the wolf too--he was one of my favorite characters if you count animals as characters. There were, however, a few things I didn't like about this book.

Although I did like Jenna and Bren together, I kind of wish it wasn't as insta-love as it was. I also which there could have been a bit more development of the side and minor characters that had important roles in the story. The biggest reason why I didn't give this a higher rating, though, was that I didn't connect as much as I could have to the book. One of the key components required to make me really like something is that connection.

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Overall, Winter Fire was a nicely written book that many people would probably enjoy. It was a good book, and I did enjoy it--it just didn't leave a huge impression on me. Read more of my reviews on my blog: Reading is My Treasure I was given a review copy from the author for an honest review. I was excited to read about Norse gods and snowboarding. I mean how cool is that?! The story starts off with our main character, Jenna, and her mother when they move into a hotel where her mother is takes on the job as a manager. There she sees the mysterious Bren and his family, whom everyone tells her is weird.

Little do they know I guess I will start with what I did like about the book. I like the characters, they were all fun I was given a review copy from the author for an honest review. I like the characters, they were all fun and easy to relate to. Especially Jenna. She seemed so calm and wise for her age. Bren was awesome as well! Not to mention I thought he was good looking: The snowboarding was interesting to read about since I know nothing of the sport.

It seems hard but I still would love to try it out. Now is the part where i talk about what i disliked. I found the story slow paced and repetitive. There were times when I wanted to skip parts but I kept on reading. The action at the end of the book made up for what I felt lacked in the middle. All in all I thought it was a cute read and it was definitely different from what I am used to reading. The second book Hail Storm comes out soon. Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy is a Norse god.

As you can expect, things heat up between Bren and Jenna, climaxing with the Loki incident. Ill start by saying I loved the writing style, Dubay has an art for fiction and I can't wait until she hones this skill in character development. I enjoyed the humor, witty banter and the characters of Skye an B Boy meets girl. I enjoyed the humor, witty banter and the characters of Skye an Bren.

I felt emotions from the book which is rare: I felt sorrow for Loki, and adored Fenrir. The story progresses realistically, Jenna's mother is a perfect hook for reality, and the lore is thought provoking. That said I hated Jenna, she was selfish, shallow and not very intelligent. She didnt piece together Loki's plan, and didnt understand when she was warned about Bren's womanizing ways. Even a 12 year old would understand the implication. Jenna constantly behaves irrationally. Loki is here to hurt you and you stress about goin home to mom? You then sneak out at night and think your mother doesn't notice?

She constantly behaves as if she's a child and not a 17 year old who should have some sort of brain and independence. I found this book looking for stories about Loki, who I love reading about, and what I found was another story about Ullur or Ull who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Norse gods. This story was very well written. It is easy to fall in love with Bren and his family. It took me a while to figure out if I liked Skye or not.

However, Jenna is not the typical teenager; she I found this book looking for stories about Loki, who I love reading about, and what I found was another story about Ullur or Ull who is quickly becoming one of my favorite Norse gods. However, Jenna is not the typical teenager; she has that special part of her that I feel we are just beginning to understand. Hopefully in the later books, we will learn more about Jenna and how important or not her role is when it comes to the battle of the gods.

I am looking forwarding to reading the next one in the series. I really loved this book. It was very well written, and it looks at paranormal romance from a very unique point of view.

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The setting itself is so original. It takes place at a ski resort and the characters are mostly snowboarders who are really expatriot Norse gods.

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Very cool. Also, the main character is a strong teenage girl who actually makes realistic decisions and has realistic feelings despite her crazy circumstances. I haven't read anything quite like this and I'm really anxious to get a hold of the next book. Loved this book! It was a refreshing change i. It also wasn't as confusing as some mythology related YA books that I've read. Easy to follow in regards to what exactly is going on with the Norse gods.

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And, a word of warning However, I do have one question Shelves: paranormal-romance , romance , sci-fi-fantasy , young-adult. Snowboarding mythological gods I enjoyed this read. Jessica Googe rated it really liked it Sep 06, Jenna rated it did not like it Sep 20, Laura Stranzinger rated it liked it Aug 13, Tameka Farley rated it liked it Jan 19, Javon rated it it was amazing Mar 02, Contact us Contact us Offices Media contacts Catalogues.

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