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Today, your children look to their father to figure out how he really feels about them. When he walks into a room, they watch his body language, listen to the tone of his voice and hang on his words. To find out what he feels about them at that very moment. If they feel loved, they may run out and play, do their homework, or ask him to go for a bike ride.

As mothers we can help fathers answer this critical question. Some men have difficulty saying the words because they never heard it from their dads. Men only respond well if they feel respected and appreciated. You did this as a child. Your father either made you feel smart, capable and strong, or he made you feel stupid, incapable and insignificant. And chances are, you feel that way today. When I was 21, I applied to many medical schools and was rejected by each one. More profoundly, I felt in that moment that if my Dad said I was going, it was a done deal.

Every child needs to learn from his father—that he, their dad, believes that they can lead a successful life. The best way to do this is by describing to your husband how your kids respond when they feel he believes in them. Facebook Twitter YouTube. What happens when you want to walk out on parenting? View all Blog posts. This creates a drain on the mental health of children.

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Of course, we all love our children beyond words, but sometimes our love gets buried under feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, loneliness, and worry. Deep down we want nothing more than our child to feel cherished and good no matter what their struggles are in life. More than anything children need us to feel joy when we are with them, it makes them feel deeply appreciated and accepted just as they are. It can be hard to find pleasure in raising children given the many pressures in our lives. On top of the vitally important work we do caring for our kids, we have to juggle earning a living, putting meals on the table, washing clothes, etc.

It can be tricky to remember to stop and simply delight in our kids. Busy parents can fit it into their lives.

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Bring Special Time into your family in days. Click here to join. Whenever my 7 year old daughter would ask me to play, I would always be busy.

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When I first tried Special Time with my daughter , I could manage 5 minutes at the most and it was hard. I kept at it and spent over a week trying Special Time each day for minutes. It became a little easier with each day, though not all the time — if I was tired it was hard. I noticed something interesting after a week — my daughter was now happier to do all sorts of things that were once a challenge for her such as getting out of the house for school on Monday, brushing her teeth, being flexible when plans changed, and having a shower. She even put her dirty laundry in the basket!

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It also built a real place of refuge for us both. We started laughing more during our play and it was flowing more easily. It influenced other aspects of our lives, bringing greater closeness and trust. We made close eye contact more often and smiled across the room. Sometimes children will use Special Time simply to do things they love to do, maybe playing Barbie dolls, riding bikes, or reading books together.

They made a commitment. Then they have to do it. A great teacher understands that a child is not only a tiny bundle of joy that can cry, smile, laugh.

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Yuventius, Jakarta, Indonesia A good teacher is someone who teaches not only with mind, but also with heart. This must be a philosophy of a good teacher Enthusiastic and enjoys teaching.

Humble and modest In my opinion teacher should be like this. One who help his students in all respects.

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He makes his students able to live better life. He teaches students to take decisions in all the conditions. Who is good teacher for his students and also good students for his students and society, having moral character and model for building new good society. I think that a good teacher should be a good and complete person: curious, passionate, interested about their pupils' interests, wishes, feelings A really good teacher should be child in his soul which mean, creative, imaginative and ready for exploration etc. I was graduated as a teacher of english in Albania.

What really makes a very good teacher is having a lot of intuition and intelligence because having these qualities you will have the power to understand your students'phsycology and behaviour and helping them out would be much easier. A teacher should also be super comprensive to understand what's going on in the students'world.

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A good teacher makes herself available to all students, however, knows which students need extra assistance. A good teacher is an effective communicator, however, who knows when she needs to change her communicating techniques to be sure students can grasp instructional concepts. A good teacher allows students to ask questions, however, does not answer questions without drawing from other students' learning experience first. A good teacher has classroom rules and procedures which help students know what is expected from them and how the students can help themselves. A good teacher encourages cooperation and sets an example with other students and faculty.

A good teacher is flexible and able to change lessons "spur of the moment" in order to accommodate the needs of her students. A good teacher respects all students and encourages good performance. A great teacher can be defined by two simple words.

How To Raise A Kid:

Best friend. Who better to trust than a best friend? Who better to love and be loved in return than a best friend? Who better to gain knowledge from, than a best friend? Finally, who better to remember throughout the days of your life, than a best friend? Let's all be teachers, shall we? A teacher must have motherly love with their students Means he should be a mother in the school.

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The Giving Tree is one I would never read to my kids at school. I love your strong voice! The undersea world is a dizzyingly glorious, vast universe of its own, filled with creatures of every shape and color. A clear signal that your child is very sad and needs your help to cope with the rush of unbearable feelings. The first Star Wars presents the young moviegoer with one of the most lavishly realized fictional universes in movie history: Elaborate spaceships, attention-grabbing creatures, and most of all, sharply-drawn characters.

He must have Moral character and honesty. He must be well prepared with his subjects. He must have a good knowledge of his subjects.

Physically and mentally fit for the job. He should be active and smart in the classroom. While teaching he should use so many support materials. The support material should be prepared himself.