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However, something peculiar happens, and the robot begins destroying all the other gifts Does that sound familiar? I'm looking for a book series that I started reading in I read up to three books and the next want set to publish for a year or two. It's set in a fictional land. The main character is a young girl who doesn't know she's magical but finds out she's the chosen one. She embarks on a quest where she begins to learn her powers and the true nature of her past.

I read this in elementary school and it's a humble of thoughts. The main character I believe was a boy was in science class and gets bullied when he has fewer taste buds than normal under the microscope is class. Then later in the book he convinces a group of people to act like they don't taste the paper that only certain people can taste. The ones that will act like they don't taste it all out a blue dot on their wrist. They're my husband favorite. The babys name is richard. The mage is zeddicus. I read this book when I was in elm. It was about a little girl who buys an old play house from an old man.

It sits on a cliff in his yard. He makes her cookies and tells her stories. I never got to finish reading it and I cant forget it. So I read this book about a decade ago I remember it being part of a series I think he got raped, not sure. Left to die on the edge of the woods. A reclusive mage rescues him. He goes on to learn more about magic and falls in love with another man.

By the end of the series, he and the lover and several others bring the end of the empire. One quotable line I recall From young men in the army to children being pulled from lessons. Please help me find this series again. A book about a boy who tries to commit suicide but shooting himself. It doesn't work any ends up losing his memory and wakes up in a hospital I asked trying to figure out why did it and sort his life out.

Her roommate however has it all luxury car and clothes to match. The young lady finds out how the girl gets everything and the roommate put her on the how she makes it happend. The young lady moves drugs across state while in college and takes drugs to keep up with college work load, this leads her down a path of addiction.

Someone help me find this urban book!!! Along the way there are a lot of tragic deaths along with romance. Oh and at the beginning just before the go off on the adventure the siblings watch their mother get killed. I read this book a few weeks ago. A girl goes back to her grandmothers after catching her boyfriend cheating.

At her grandmothers house she finds an old photo in a hidden compartment in a trunk in the attic. It is a picture of her mother with a nazi, while she was married to another man. My professor had mentioned this novella in lecture and I am really interested in finding it. Its a modern world style book that depicts a young woman running away from home. While on the streets, an older man catches her looking at a coat and asks to buy it for her. She continuous to walk away and he follows. Eventually she gives in, and in the far future he impregnates her.

She dies at the end. Sorry for the vague explanation. Can anyone remember the name of this book? I'm looking for a book that i just heard about. It seems to be about the spirit of a soldier stuck on Earth. The person told me it might have Nameless or forgotten in the title but I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Sadly I don't know the author either. They moved from house to house around the block and ended up at the original house. Looking for a book that I read in 3rd grade about a little girl that really wants to buy a special paint set. One day she went to the store and it was the last one there but an old woman had came in also looking for a special gift for a special little girl.

She asked the girl to help her pick something out. The little girl did a selfless act and picked out the paint set that she had wanted to give to the old lady to gift. It turns out that the old lady was gifting it to her and she picked out her own special gift and got the paint set after all. Thank you! I am looking for a kids antique vintage Christian book about good and bad kids, right from wrong. One story was about title was Johhny and the jam jar where he climbed a cupboard with alot of jam jars and all the jars fell on him.. And there was also the same story yet the the Christian way.

I so want to find this book. For example, one of the girls had epilepsy that she hid Later, in the book, one of the girls who is now married to what I think is a doctor, decides to take another way home and sees her husband's car a very distinctive car in the driveway of someone else's home -- and that's how she finds out he's been cheating on her I think 2 of the women have daughters they are right about to send to college Anyone know what book that is?

I've read it twice, but I can't recall the name of the book. Looking for a book about a woman who employs a man to kidnap women from a school campus to bathe in their blood.. I'm looking for a book about two mid-western towns being hit by bombs. It's an old book probably from the 50's or early 60's. Female writer, I can't remember her name.

Tomorrow is in the title. I believe one of the towns was called green river. The descriptions in this book are the best i've ever read. Anyone who recognizes this book, please respond. Elementary book we heard on audio cassette circa early 90s. A tribe or village had a monster attacking them and animals. Main character a child that tells story o think. Village or tribe goes hunting for it and hurts its hand or paw.

Later the girl find her grandmother who told stories of the monster with a hurt hand. So she ended up being the monster. Googled this to death and cant think of it! Looking for Civil War series about two brothers that start out in the first book by the brothers cause a girl to accidentally drown buy fighting over her and the oldest gets sent to military academy in Virninia before the war starts.

I read this book maybe about 15 years ago. I have moved around a lot and can't remember the name. I just know the a mom and her son plus a baby girl move into a new house. It's haunted. I remember one part where he can't seem to move and a wagon comes into his room and he is pit into the wagon and taken into the attic.

I have been looking for this book forever!!! It's driving me insane that I can't for the life of me remember the title. Please help!! I read part of a paperback novel sci-fi about an amnesia victim who only remembered his name was Foster waking up on a park bench in Lima Peru to be pursued by this swarm of bee sized blue lights. What is this enigmatic book?????? I read a book many years ago about a prostitute who falls in love. It's about this boy who drinks some water an old man gives him from an empty well in the back of his property and he gets really sick.

When he gets better, he can suddenly see these weird like reaper things that attache themselves to people through wires and chains. The reaper things have scares on them with the names like "anger" and "suicide" and stuff. After he goes crazy for a little longer, he tells a Christian girl everything he sees, and she ends up drinking the water. For whatever reason, when two other boys drank the water, they died. The main character is a guy and the book is centered around him with a guy best friend and another girl he likes. And the main character has to pretend he is.

A young girl hears or sees a drunk man,possibly her dad, who is preparing to drown some puppies in a burlap bag by putting the bag in a creek. She saves them. Read this about 50 years ago. Cannot remember the name. Anyone think they can help? Remeber a book I read in grade school. A young girl sees or hears a drunk man possibly her dad who is going to dump puppies in a burlap bag into a creek to drown them. She saves the puppies. I read a book when I was much younger.

I think in elementary school. It was as far as I remember it was a young adult sci-fi book where an alien came to earth to hunt down a criminal alien of the same race. The alien befriends someone. The aliens can morph and he spends most of the time I think as a hat.

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He can read the thoughts of the human while his in on the head. He can also read the dictionary to learn English. I read this book like 5 years ago kids are playing a video game as a fighter jet but little do they know that it is actually a test to see how capable they are my pilot ink an old man Texas children and trains them different game like scenarios to test them but he used to be a bodyguard for the really rich and the rich people were out able to live out in nature cuz the world was basically ruined but you was fired and then put behind a wall with the rest of the population to get revenge he came up with train these kids and putting them to Jets.

Looking for a book that starts with two kids that are friends, waking up as their characters from a game and having to go on a quest to go back to their world. Book is based off a game. It's a fiction book and I read it about years ago. Looking for a paperback I read in actually a correctional institute. It was a black cover with the title written in a deep, almost neon purple. I wanna say it was fiction with hints of truth and was at least 10yrs old, when I got it in I would love to re-read it AND I believe I got this book by requesting "Way of The Peaceful Warrior" - as they try to find the best match or at least the same category - IF they don't have the exact book you want.

All I recall is it had a witch, a boy travelling through snow storm? Would appreciate any help with this. Looking for a science fiction book. Published before There are robot bees, hornets or wasps or something like that, and the main female protagonist is by a river at the beginning. I think the robot is warning her to go home or a sign she needs to? Hi, I'm looking for a book I read in the ealry 80's.

It was set in the 's or early 's. They are poor and I think Emily works in a thread store. Hi looking for a book about a young boy and his old sister who both live with their grandmother. The older sister takes the Yong boy on a train to visit the boys teacher and her dog. I can't remember the title, so any help would be appreciated. I remember the ending of a short story, the man drives to the edge of town where people werent supposed to go only to realize his town is a computer simulation.

Thought it was by Stephen king or his alias?

Happy Together I 해피투게더 - Crush, BewhY, Kim Jongmin, Shin Ji, Seo Minjung [ENG/2019.07.25]

Looking for book about an earl named EDwin, I think. His wife dies and he needs an heir, he marries the girl on other side of the river as her mother is a known breeder, and she gives him a child. But he dies and she goes to king henry's court with her sister and her husband.

Anne Boleyn is very jealous. What is the name of this book?? It must have been a fairly known author as most of my books were. Looking for a murder thriller novel about a murder of man. First chapter is about a monk who steals a religious artefact - the letter from Christ from the Vatican to save it from being destroyed.

Then in the present day a man is murdered in his study. His wife with dementia is blamed and arrested with the motive of finding out he was having an affair with a colleague called Lily I think. His daughter and neighbours who is a lawyer work to free her mother and find out who the real murder is. They realise he was murdered because he had the religious artefact and had told his 4 closest friends about it- giving it to lily to keep safe.

Lily speaks to an unknown person who wants her to sell it to him but in stead he kidnaps her and locks her in a room in his warehouse. During the murder the neighbours were on a cruise and a burglar who had fitted their car with a tracking device was in the house and saw the man who actually murdered him. He used this a bargain to get less time when he was arrested for burglary.

It turns out to be Charles the mans friend who has kidnapped lily and the daughter who he loved. He murdered the man because he wanted to return it to the Vatican but Charles wanted it for his collection. The boy used to sneak into her room at night and I remember one night he caught her wearing his football jersey. I am looking for a book that I read as a teen. Earth had been invaded by alien creatures who took people as slaves. The main character was a boy who was training as a boxer to win a contest.

The winner got the privilege to become slave to these creatures. He was supposed to learn about them. I believe he escaped at the end. I believe it was part of a series. Keep in mind though I read it a long time ago. If anyone knows the name please let me know. I'm looking for a book from , most likely from , about decorating with collections. Non-fiction, hard-back, photos depicting treasures and collections and rooms with displayed collections on the cover. In the early 70's I lived in Anderson, Indiana and there was a bookmobile that came around our neighborhood when I was around I had a great deal of interest in it and would like to find it.

I'm not sure of the author, but I don't remember seeing "Home and Garden" or "House Beautiful" titles on the book. She goes out and trips on a mud puddle. Anyone know the name? Fiction book, from the late 80s or early 90s. About a pair of step siblings who have a secret affair of hook ups. Each chapter changes to their point of view.

They began having an affair after their parents wedding. They carry on, off and on throughout the year. Later it turns out that their parents are breaking up because the husband is cheating with another woman. Somewhere in the middle of the book, the young girl is in a play and the boy gives a white rose after the show, which she finds sweet. But after he bluntly says that the lead actress was better, to which she is offended. The book has a blue cover and has an elephant on it and a girl feeding it buns.

One of the stories is about this escaped elephant and the girl uses a trail of buns to lure it home. There is also another story about a boy who leaves his Scout meeting in the evening to go home but gets lost in the fog. In my s elementary school library, science fiction. Boy living with his uncle?

On a hillside in remote Montana? Curious, he runs to see. Something scary emerges. Oh no! Taken up. Actually they are very kind and advanced and they have children his age. He now has friends. They are all doing fine, but the horse gets sick! We will take you back to the ranch to heal your horse, but you will never see us again. Big inner emotional conflict. Goodbye friends. Drop him off. Uncle has left died? Horse dies. All alone. But wait And you can come back to the stars with us. The emotional intensity of this simplistic and manipulative space saga made me physically ill for days.

They become friends despite their differences. The boy helps the angel get better. There is a war going on between earth and heaven. I think the boy or angels name was Ferron. Does anyone know the Name of this book? Need to find the title of this book. Patron is looking for an old book about 2 children that witness a murder by a blue bearded man. The man says a prayer with the word Temple in it. There was this crazy book I read last year about a girl who had a perfect life. She was in band, had great grades, and a perfect boyfriend.

But her world was turned upside down when she found out she had absorbed her twin in the womb. She realized her twin was completely opposite of her, and would take over her consciousness at night to hook up with the bad boy. Eventually she started leaving notes for the perfect twin to find in the morning. After many other crazy things happen, we find out the character has a heart problem, which she blames on her sister's heart being weak, and she ends up going to the hospital to get a new heart.

Does this help anyone? I'm dying to find this book again. This book was along the lines of something by Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary. About a young boy who started out as a pain but who grew up. I specifically remember him coming home from school to an empty house, practicing his trombone, then having an afterschool snack which was portion controlled because he was pudgy and wanted to lose weight. I think he had trouble making friends, and that his mom being at work rather than home with him was a new thing.

One specific event is when the teen boy is dared to eat a scorpion, and he does, but the scorpion turns out to be an energy bar of sorts, as the scorpion was an illusion. Please help, the only search results are just dog books or Christian books. There is a book and unfortunately many have the same title The Night Before Christmas.

Except this one had rich art color and beautiful art work like no other.

It is the one I had when in the late 50's to 60's. It had a hard cover. I've been searching for years for it. I also wanted to get my hands on the Dick and Jane primers but saw the price of those and gave up. The complete 7 or 8 book series with navy blue cloth under the book cover by Jacques Cousteau Sharks, Whales, etc. Awesome collection. A thriller novel about a lady named Marrie who kills two rich men she marries and then gets married to a third men.

Meanwhile a cop gets suspicious about her and tries to find the secrets she has been been hiding all along. He also fears that the woman will try to kill her third husband as well. But the cunning woman manages to kill the cop as well and before he dies, she tells him that her current husband is her childhood love and she would never even dream about doing him any harm let alone kill him.

A Warlock's innocent wife and daughter were murdered as witches. He takes revenge by killing those responsible. Revenge killings continue for the next three generations. It was a soft back book. I'm have been trying to remember a book for about 10 years now. When I was in the 6 grade their was a book I read about a young boy was playing outside then he is sucked up in a storm and is transferred to a different world where he lands in a red barren land and eventually finds trees and food. Basically he is surviving in this new world trying to go back. It's one of those books where your memory even remembers the smell of the library and the book.

Its almost like a kid version of John Carter. Nelsongllrd yahoo. Form their own housecleaning business. One has a child and wants to be an artist; she cleans for an artist. One is quite untidy and lives on a barge. I forget the third woman. Same author also wrote a novel about a woman who is a potter and makes tea sets until convinced to put her big pieces on the market. Looking for a book that is fairly new about 2 millionaire men who are into BDSM and run a company together save a female employee who is being abused by her boyfriend than the three of them have a relationship together and she gets kidnapped and tortured and they save her again than 1 of the men decides he needs to be punished for her getting kidnapped and hires a guy to whip him and rapes him without permission.

Anyone know the author or the name of the books? I think there are 2 or 3 books to this story. Looking for a children's book of a kind raven who finds magical dust and gives it all away to his animal friends. The book was written and beautifully illustrated by the same person, a lady writer I think. It would have come out about years ago. Anyone out there who'd know it? Filmstar Nicky goes missing. Girlfriend tries to find him.

He is writing a screen play. He dies at the end because he falls into an empty swimming pool. I read this book over 10 years ago. It is a historical romance about two sisters who through unfortunate circumstances are shipped to Australia. One sister was convicted of murdering her rapist and the other was considered mad. The story tells of each sister's journey back to each other. I've been searching for what feels like forever.

I thought it was called Under a Southern Sky. The title may be similar. Any input would be appreciated. It had like a blue person on the cover and was all blue hardcover. The story was based in a little bit older times like early England kings and Queens and the characters were likable and interesting as the story goes on the main guy is confronted with basically himself who is an evil version of himself and he chases him into alternate realities.

It was something like spiral or ugh on the tip of my brain but can't remember. This was a book I read as a child, and was a seed in me developing my faith. Talking late 70's, early 80's. It concerned a boy who goes to a Christian youth group. His parents are splitting up. I remember him staying off school, been able to have a bed on the sofa, watch tv and having ice cream because he had a sore throat.

The youth leader spoke about our body been like glove, and when you take your hand out of the glove then it's empty, illustrating the soul. He gave another talk about prayer, holding up a telephone which wasn't connected, this made the kids laugh. The boy went to a safari park with his dad, on one of the days when he was allowed to see him. He tried to run away from home, but then his Dad brought him back and later on he stops his sister from running into the road and getting hit by a car, and this was used as an example of why this was where he was meant to be.

A Match for Addy

If anyone could provide the name of this book I would be delighted, as it meant so much to me growing up. Boy runs away from home because he is about to turn 18 and his parents want to send him to the death camp where they derange his body. In this town your parents are authorized to let you live or send you away where they take off your body parts and give them to other people who need them. This boy finds out his parents signed the papers for him to be deranged and he ran away.

I remember he had a little sister also. He ran away and found a new born on a front door steps so he took the baby with him and went to a school and hid in the restroom. It was a book that depicted someone's life for real where he, her younger sister and mother had to hide lights n matches then one day police are at the house and discover what they call blue murder. I read the first few books in a series about 10 years ago. It was a bout a young teenager who lived with her grandmother and had visions and could see ghosts. They had a property helper who was a young man that could talk to animals and see the world through their eyes.

He had a companion that I think was a hawk and was a romantic interest of hers. One of the books also involved a medieval festival and fencing and another involved a crystal ball.

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I have 2. First is a detective novel that I remember nothing about except a part in the story where the detective and his partner enter an apartment that's been completely destroyed and a man bursts out of the bathroom i believe , high on something, wearing only his underwear and screaming about "krokodilos!

The second is a children's series I read in elementary probably first or second grade, so ish, the seres is about a dog and I really want to say that he's a basset hound or a beagle, and i have the image in my mind of him wearing a red cap on the front of the book but im trusting 23 year memory here lol, i know he waits for his humans to leave as theyre not part of the story, and he meets his other dog friends at the fence I know there's a poodle involved and I really don't remember what the story lines are, a friend of mine asked about them as she remembers her sand I loving them and she wanted them for her son.

If anyone knows either of these from their very very vague descriptions that would be awesome! I read a book in the 80s about a girl named Abigail who sees a? Of a girl who was hung during witch trials in s. I thought it was called The Presence but I cant find that title anywhere. It was a book about a cat called Daisy written in verse with illustrations.

I am looking for a book for my mother. She described it to me as an antique collector receives a tapestry that has some kind of code stitched into the tapestry. He and another woman, possibly a love interest or an assistant realize that it's some kind of map and that others are trying to track it down. She read this book in a time where she was super into Mary Higgins Clark, J.

Robb, Nora Roberts, Iris Johannson, etc. I'm looking for a Golden Book A children's book about a guy who travels through the woods at night when a storm blows up. He seeks refuge in a house and there's a spirit or a monster in the chimney that will come out if he lights a fire there maybe? The artwork is limited to blue, black, and white only.

The title or name of the monster may have the word "bones" in it. A picture book i loved as a child where a dog i think a chocolate lab digs his way to the other side of the world. And the world had magic! I am trying to find a book with protagonist named 'Nat', I guess. Nathaniel or something like that. Maybe he was jew. He hooked up with the hippie wife of his professor.

And then years later he comes back maybe he was in hiding, I do not remember to find that the professor and his wife were there no more. But, their daughter was there and she seems to have taken a liking to him. He remembers having played with her when she was a toddler. I read this a long time ago, and then too, it was an old book.

Hope somebody remembers it. I recall the title of the book as 'Sammy the Salmon', as yet I have not come up with an example from that period after searching the Internet. Most if not every page was illustrated along with a couple of lines of story text Sammy's underwater travel meeting various sea creatures etc. As our personalities are both reflected and shaped by our careers, the kinds of people we connect with becomes clearer.

Human compatibility is far more nuanced than that. In fact, two people with wildly different careers can complement one another in surprising ways. Having a partner in a different field can also change your perspective on things. It can open up your mind to seeing the world in a new way.

That said, when you are looking for a relationship with someone else, there are practical matters to account for, and careers become a useful lens for exploring those practicalities. On a practical level, careers help determine financial goals. Do you value flexibility rather than long-term wealth? Are you more concerned with financial security over creative fulfillment? Talking about your career should go hand-in-hand with conversations about emotional and personal desires. Getting what you really want from a partner requires you to voice those needs, Katarina Nilsson at HerMoney explains.

The more you ask, engage, and share, the more you will receive. Kathy Caprino , career coach and founder of Ellia Communications, agrees. She says that many people neglect the impact that a potential partner might have on their career. A willingness to work at the relationship can be more important than having the same career or being wildly in love. Further, the ability to connect over shared passions — career or otherwise — can keep busy couples together.

Tired of dating advice rife with misogynistic viewpoints and outdated stereotypes? Turn to Twitter! From authors and journalists to comedians and advocates, these 15 feminists are having the fresh, intelligent conversations the world needs right now. Data nerds and history buffs will enjoy following Nichi Hodgson , a journalist and equal-rights activist based in the UK. Her feed is filled with articles and insights on feminist dating, transgender rights, intimacy protocols, and how to get the most out of dating apps.

Author, essayist, podcaster, speaker, feminist… Jaclyn Friedman does a bit of everything. Her most recent book dives deep into the sexism of American society and politics. Cassandra Corrado is an independent feminist sex educator based in North Carolina. Feminist writer and educator Gigi Engle is an expert at navigating difficult conversations.

The sex coach is no stranger to discussing intimacy on the internet. She has also been a columnist for Elite Daily, where she answered direct reader questions on all things relationships and intimacy. Caroline Heldman a follow. Heldman is also the executive director of Miss Representation, an award-winning film aimed at dismantling gender stereotypes. Because Valenti writes about critical political issues facing women and female-identifying individuals today. Her feed is more or less a commentary on feminist justice that answers pressing questions for women today: Which men in power are being convicted of crimes against women?

What outdated laws are preventing equality between married men and women? This multi-talented woman is a colorful and humorous addition to any Twitter feed. Alix Fox is a writer and presenter whose work spans a diverse range of subject matter. Allie Carter is a positive and refreshing voice in the world of intimacy and sex positivity on Twitter. Much of her effort is aimed at having empowering conversations about STIs.

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At the same time, she talks about consent, contraception, and mental health as they relate to relationships. Allie can answer all of your questions. This makes it a great place to stay updated on current events in feminism and equal rights. Chatel is also known for being fiercely sex-positive.

Her online presence and articles are excellent resources for those seeking information about feminist intimacy and relationships.

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Myisha Battle is a sex dating coach, a writer, and a podcast host. Her podcast, Down for Whatever, is aimed at helping people to cultivate positive and fulfilling sex lives. Each episode features interviews with real people, drawing advice from their real-world intimacy experiences. By featuring a variety of backgrounds, representations, and identities in her podcast, Battle is breaking through stigmas and giving voice to underserved groups.

Richards is a fierce trans-rights activist who also has a background in music management and film production. Still, her views on gender equality and representation are essential reading for anyone who wants to learn about societal gender roles today. The content she writes and performs can also inform viewers on important topics like drug use in a relationship and consent. Comedian, musician, and writer Lane Moore is multi-talented to say the least.

Formerly the Sex and Relationships editor for Cosmopolitan, she now shares her love advice in the hilarious show Tinder Live. That show features Moore using the dating app live on stage in front of an audience. Rather than shaming her matches or feigning interest, she puts a positive spin on internet dating. Dating coach Hayley Quinn helps empower women by turning the tides on age-old dating advice. Quinn provides modern feminist advice for both men and women on how to find love that promotes both equality and happiness.

Some of her most relevant articles discuss topics like how to write your online dating profile bio and how to make your dating app profile pics rock. The writer and editor has extensive knowledge of topics like culture, female health, gender roles, and toxic masculinity. Weiss also discusses things like body image and social justice. Marina Del Russo is a writer who specializes in sex and wellness topics. Her articles are filled with fresh and approachable dating advice for modern singles. Before she met up with a match, she received a text explaining his intentions or lack thereof.

Readers who are serious about finding someone special know just how frustrating these messages are. Los Angeles has endless options for exploring your artistic side and getting inspired.

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From guided street-art tours to movies under the stars, this list of date ideas will make you furious that you can only choose one. Dinner and a movie might be overdone. But watching an indie film under the stars? In the city of stars? LA residents can indulge in Rooftop Cinema Club , a multi-city movie event that boasts iconic movies, comfortable chairs, and wireless headphones for all. Is there anything more romantic than cuddling under the stars with your date?

Perhaps only cuddling under the stars with your date, sharing popcorn, and watching vintage romance cinema. If art and parks are your thing, Barnsdall Art Park is sure to please. Designed to provide a thriving international arts community, this gorgeous green is home to a number of institutions, including Hollyhock House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.

Taught by university instructors, these college-level art courses range from pottery to tie-dyeing to printmaking. In search of beauty? Though you might pass these amazing images from time to time, a closer look is well worth your time. Art and Seeking offers interactive, informative guides. Her goal with Art and Seeking is to introduce people to new forms of art in new environments, thereby changing their perspectives. Artists, culture nerds, and history buffs will all enjoy these tours.

If you lack artistic ability, fear not. This eclectic studio provides step-by-step instructions for each painting, so you can enjoy yourself without having to think too hard about impressing your date. As one of the oldest bars in Downtown LA, this space has a rich history. The theater holds up to people and boasts state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems. Plus, the brick-walled architecture, vintage tapestries, and colorful lighting designs provide enough conversation for a good talk in a cozy booth into the wee hours.

Paperback and vinyl aficionados will be in heaven at The Last Bookstore. As the largest old and used bookstore in LA, and one of the largest remaining bookstores in the world, The Last Bookstore buys, sells, and trades all of its items. Its sheer magnitude provides plenty of material to sort through. This is a great conversation-starter for a first date.

Laugh over a few comics, flip through a few rare collections, and maybe even pick up a record to listen to back at your place if the evening goes well. The J. Paul Getty Museum is a favorite of many LA-based artists. Both feature a variety of exhibitions and events, and the buildings themselves are architectural marvels. Artist talks, film screenings, and guided tours are just a few ways you can join the action at Getty. This gallery opened its doors in an old flour mill in March You and your date can attend a painting or photography exhibition as well as dance and performance art events.

There are also film screenings, maker workshops, and artist-led conversations to inspire you. Night Gallery mesmerizes everyone who enters. Enjoy this fine art gallery as a great starting point to a dinner date, as the contemporary and abstract paintings will surely whet your appetite for thoughtful conversation. It also gives space for you and your date to engage with something out in the world, without having to fill every moment with small talk. Escape room? Take your pick at Two Bit Circus — an epic playroom for grown ups. There are multiple attractions to choose from.

Their Story Rooms are a unique take on escape rooms, combining elements of mystery and thematic plays. Club01 is an interactive stage-show infused with cutting-edge technology while the Cabanas mixes VR with video games for an adrenaline-fueled, futuristic experience. Shared passions are a core aspect of successful relationships. So when your career is an important part of life, your dating profile should reflect this. This, in turn, may prevent any awkward conversations, misunderstandings, or hurt feelings down the line. Including your career information is important, but so is keeping the description straightforward and succinct.

After all, you want your date to have to work to learn more about you, suggests AskMen writer Adam Hurly. The detailed gems of information about your life have to be earned. This leaves more room for surprise and discussion when you finally meet your match in real life.

The many incarnations of a Beijing alleyway.

On that note, remember to avoid gossip, ranting, or other negativity when talking about your work. Setting a positive tone regarding your career will make it easier and more enjoyable to discuss work when you meet a match in person. Even a quick mention of a high-powered career can boost your results. She also says that male CEOs and founders on the app were hearted 4. Moral of the story? Blogger Emma Johnson explains that sharing your income has a number of benefits. Financial advisor Richard Kahler , reminds his readers that someone earning a mid-six-figure salary might not be financially stable.

Swap out that lengthy description of your dissertation and show off your killer personality. Using a one-liner or a quick story about yourself can illustrate your personality in a more specific, concise way that grabs attention, says Lisa Hoehn , who writes dating profiles for a living. Pairing these descriptions with action shots is a surefire way to attract someone who lives life as boldly as you do. Dating and relationship expert Alexis Sclamberg suggests being authentic, detailed, and personable in your photos and texts.

This will make dating in general much more engaging. Picture Addy as she has an accident, sad yes, and she could have gotten hurt, but still funny! Emma Miller has done it again, and I loved this book, and want more! I can see the potential for lots of great stories using a Matchmaker, such a wonderful idea!! I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Love Inspired, and was not required to give a positive review. Dec 17, Emma rated it it was amazing.

Addy doesn't just want a match. She wants what? Dorcas job on Sara Yoder's farm is? Gideon said to Dorcas "Was in der welt? And why? I am looking forward to reading more books by Emma Miller. Hannah's Daughters 1. Courting Ruth 2. Miriam's Heart 3. Anna's Gift 4. Leah's Choice 5. Redeeming Grace 6.

Johanna's Bridegroom 7. Rebecca's Christmas Gift 8. Sep 17, Kim rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in This is the first Amish story I've ever read. I'll read lots of different things, but I mostly stick to erotic and paranormal romance, so this was a bit a departure for me. It's completely clean. The most they do is hand holding and feather-light kissing. But, they fell for each other slowly and it was sweet. Overlooking the way Addy's parents control her, I found Addy very relatable. She wants to please her parents, but she's not a doormat.

She's also very direct and a bit harsh sometimes. And I This is the first Amish story I've ever read. And I liked Gideon. I guess he's the Amish version of a playboy. He likes women and is not ready to settle down, although his parents want him to marry. There really isn't much conflict.

Addy is attracted to Gideon on first meeting, but he places her in the friend category immediately and so she begins to look at him as a friend and begins to consider the other eligible men around her that show interest. Gideon then begins to realize that his feelings for Addy aren't the same as for other women and that he loves her. The conflict is that Gideon is a hired hand and Addy's parents are insistent that she make a wealthier match so that they'll be cared for in their old age.

The end was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable. Sep 13, Maryann Skaritka rated it really liked it. What do a fast approaching 30 year old Amish girl from Seven Poplars, Delaware and an almost thirty year old Amish man from Wisconsin have in common? Well at times apparently nothing and at times everything. When things don't take the normal Amish courting ways both families seek out matchmaker Sara who is delighted to find them each a potential spouse. Gideon becomes the newly hired hand at Sa What do a fast approaching 30 year old Amish girl from Seven Poplars, Delaware and an almost thirty year old Amish man from Wisconsin have in common?

Gideon becomes the newly hired hand at Sarah's farm and Addie assists with household duties as Sara's home will turn into a boarding house for potential Amish women and men to be matched. I felt sad that Addy's mother was so overbearing at times and only putting her own needs and caring about her own future first. Ellie, a little person is such a sweet and delightful character as well.

She was funny and had a heart of gold. This is the first book in a new series and it was fun to read how true love really found its way in Seven Poplars. Aug 12, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. It's one of "The Amish Matchmaker" series. Addy Coblentz is 30 and not married. Her parents hires Sara to find a match for Addy. Addy goes to work for Sara doing jobs around the house. Another girl wanting a match is working there also. Addy's parents want her to match with someone who has money or property or a business.

Addy wants love not money. Gideon Esch moves to Sara's place from another state to find a match. He looks like he is poor from the clothes he wears. He does outside work for Sara. Here no one knows his family has money. Back home they did and the girls wanted him for his money not love. Addy and Gideon clash at first but deep down they like each other. Addy's parents don't approve of Gideon. Gideon kisses Addy and ask her to marry him. She says yes and then she finds out about the money his family has.

A very good read. Feb 04, Patricia rated it it was amazing. Emma Miller's first of a new series! I loved it! Emma's books are always good, I have never been disappointed! In this first of the Matchmaking Series, Dorcas, who prefers to be called "Addy" short for her middle name of Adelaide, is nearing the age of 30, and no beau in sight.

To the Amish, Addy's age is considered to be a spinster. Addy's family are not well off and they want their daughter to find a "match" , they send her off to work for her cousin Sara who is the town's new matchmaker and o Emma Miller's first of a new series! Addy's family are not well off and they want their daughter to find a "match" , they send her off to work for her cousin Sara who is the town's new matchmaker and owns a home for Amish men and Women. Will Addy's first "new" friend, Gideon, who is a caretaker and worker on Sara's home and farm be the one for her??

I had to keep reading , I love the Amish books and this one is very good! Nov 29, Heidi Robbins Heidi Reads I liked the twists in this book. While Addy wants her own family, she is horrified that her parents hired the matchmaker to help her, especially when she is attracted to newcomer Gideon. She has lots of people giving her advice and trying to refine her rougher edges. I had a hard time with her mother who is sharp and seems to be acting in self-interest when she insists Addy marry for wealth so they will be taken care of in their old age.

Gideon's thoughts are funny as he doesn't think he's ready I liked the twists in this book. Gideon's thoughts are funny as he doesn't think he's ready to settle down or find a bride They are sweet and fun together, even in their hard moments. A well-rounded story with a nice ending. Thank you to Harlequin and Love Inspired Books for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review Mar 16, Gineke rated it really liked it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I was disappointed when I learned that the Hannah's daughters series had ended, so this book came as a great surprise. It neatly ties together the characters of Hannah's daughters with a new setting in which many more stories can be told. I can't wait to find out who the matchmaker has plans for next. There is only one minor flaw in the book. Somewhere in the opening chapters it is mentioned that Addy has older siblings living away from her hometown. But later on i I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

But later on it states that she has neither sisters nor brothers, meaning she has to take care of her parents when they reach old age. Perhaps this can be corrected when the book gets reprinted. Feb 03, Kav rated it it was amazing. A compelling character-driven story. Addy and Gideon are polar opposites. They come from completely different backgrounds. Their family situations have contributed greatly to the adults they have become. Addy is all prickly and defensive and cautious. She battles with feelings of self-worth.

Gideon is gregarious, easy-going and open.