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Civil War ( then and now )

Take Action. Fighting in the Streets - December 11, Fredericksburg - Meade and Gibbon Advance - December 13, Join t Fight. Ambrose E.

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The American Battlefield Trust and our members have saved more than 51, acres in 24 states! Save 42 Acres.

American Battlefield Trust’s map of the Battle of Marye’s Heights

Donate Now. Save 22 Acres. Help save a crucial acre tract on the battlefield where 14 African American soldiers earned the highest military honor in the land. Fredericksburg, morning May 3, Looking generally west from Pine Grove farm, with possible artillery-smoke identified by historian Bob Zeller.

Library of Congress. The amount of visual information presented by the two book-series of the s, each designed to survey the entire war but not to provide the definitive account of any component-battle, may remain unsurpassed among similar, non-digital media.

The Background of Battle of Fredericksburg:

The photograph shows the monument unfinished and damaged by the war. It is probable that these pioneers ventured into the surrounding country, and not at all unlikely that some of them strayed as far as the falls of the Rappahannock. Darkness finally brought an end to the slaughter. Because of the hill's slope, Union forces were able to form lines of attack safely from as close as yards. Stabbed in seven different places, he did not expire until January 12,

Yet the outstanding quality and revelations of these works and their successors has not inspired any specialty books on Second Fredericksburg along the lines of, say, William A. That book presents images taken both during and after the summer of , within a map-supported context reflecting the fuller duration and geographic scope of the Battle of Gettysburg. For Second Fredericksburg, photographic discussions in books remain submerged within surveys of broader topics.

That article included what was probably the first-ever publication of yet another photograph taken opposite Fredericksburg on May 3, Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. For instance, the pontoon bridge in the middle foreground represents the end of an operation unique among local Civil War episodes in the Fredericksburg vicinity, a waterborne Union movement that was contested while traveling along , rather than across, the Rappahannock.

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The commander of the First Battery reported opening fire at around 5 a. Although this depicts Second Fredericksburg at the time of the successful Union attacks launched about a. Note, too, the Confederate artillery and infantry positions in red. Federal reports state that this action lasted more than two hours, with the artillery component underway around a.

Preserving U.S. Military Heritage Symposium: World War II to the Cold War

The Union success that eventually emerged after a. Special thanks to Erik F. Nelson, editor of Fredericksburg History and Biography , for permission to re-use passages from my article. Noel, This is an excellent post. Your extensive work with these photos suggests that you be the one to compile them into a cohesive study.

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Erik and John, Thanks for the kind words. I hope at least to continue helping lay the foundations for such a study, or studies—when time allows—and am grateful for all the time that you two guys in particular have also devoted to the same end, ranging from preserving parts of the actual battlefield to publicizing its story and complexity.