Duos of Domination - Two Tales of Erotic Female Superiority - Book One

Duos of Domination - Two Tales of Erotic Female Superiority - Book One
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An adaptation by the gifted Sandrine Bessancort is first, this being from a Russian story concerning the fall to servant-hood of a one-time golden boy from a small village to the young peasant girl who has gained a position of power after the death of her much older husband. The woman in question on this occasion is Japanese and she is determined to "own" her divorced and penniless English neighbour. How can I use this format?

Log in to rate this item. Sad that we even have to have a life beyond erotica, but we do! Now it's on to copy editing, revisions, proofs, and excitement as we move toward cover art and an amazingly hot collection of seasoned criminals, kinky toughs, new girls on the block, and wicked encounters with power. Keeping with the lesbian theme, I've got a couple of wild tales coming out in anthologies by Torquere and Riverdale Avenue Press. First, in F. Leonora Solomon's Tie Me Up: A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales all orientations , you'll find my harem fantasy story "For Her Own Good," where a willfully naive young woman must face the reality that she will be sold to a demanding husband.

An experienced sex slave educates the young woman in self-pleasure, assisted by other members of the harem. In Torquere's Mythologically Torqued, V ol. Within this scenario, we meet our barista heroine, Fnx, and her beloved fem-demon Gwq, a pair determined to find their own happily-ever-after at any cost.

Confessio Amantis: Book 4

Will they be able to overcome the harassment of their pompous, phallically obsessed boss, Mr. It'll take all the fire and brimstone their demonic determination can muster. Where my story is exotic and full of dark, kinky humor, his is beautiful and full of fantasy. Hope you'll consider picking up both of these awesome anthologies. As you can tell by the names and subjects, they're both going to be sizzling! Suck It!

Happy ! How about some aural and oral gratification to celebrate? Salome's stories "Suck It!

more on this story

Visit Suck It! And then spend some time at the site for the many and varied delights the Sexy Librarian indulges in. Thank you, Rose! Here's a bite of "Recognition": The lightness of Rhiamon's laugh was a siren's call. Moll found herself allowing the stranger to take hold of her belongings without complaint. She took another bite of apple as she rose and tagged after the voluptuous ass in its camo cargos, wondering if she too looked that good from behind. Though they were likely only headed to the little bar to fill the minutes before their separate planes took them in separate directions, Moll was thrilled to be led somewhere new.

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She flipped the half-eaten fruit into a trash can along the way. We knew what we were getting into by attempting to please everyone but ourselves for the holidays, and we were determined to face the chaos bravely. Nick shrugged and agreed. That said, neither of us was a big fan of crowds, especially crowds of family with expectations. For my sake, then, we set forth to make ourselves miserable…and succeeded. We wish you all happy holidays, or at least that you survive them, and hope you'll take this charitable opportunity to buy and read some excellent erotica!

I'm thrilled to have an original erotic personal essay about loving and writing and loving to write about loving my coauthor Talon published at Clitical. Please take a peek and let me and Clitical Jenne know what you think! Dirty Dancing with Words.

I like my erotic romance like I like my desert recipes: full of sweetness and a bit of bite. This easy recipe for candied orange peel provides a sensuous blending of flavors to hit your sweet spot every time.

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Ingredients 6 oranges thick-skinned, such as navel or Valencia 4 cups sugar plus extra sugar for rolling water. To make our way to the tasty result, we begin with a little knife play. Cut the tops and bottoms off each orange, and then score the orange into quarters, cutting through the peel and not into the fruit itself.

Next, peel the skin and pith down by quarter, leaving the orange intact for other tasty purposes, such as satisfying a bit of hungry anticipation as you cook. Ramp up the intensity by bringing them to a boil over high heat. Pour off the water and repeat the process of blanching once or twice more. The higher the blanch count, the mellower the flavor will be, a matter of sensual preference. You can also boil in a bit more water for 15 minutes to speed up the action. When completed to your satisfaction, remove the soft peels and set aside.

Bring to a simmer and cook for about 10 minutes. Add the peels and simmer until the peels get translucent, about 45 minutes. I strongly recommend getting a naked houseboy or buxom serving wench to watch the pot while you entertain yourself elsewise. But if you lack support staff, just stay nearby, stirring very gently and only as needed to separate the peels, while inhaling the sweet orangey aroma and thinking about dripping the cooled syrup over a lover and licking it off later.

Drain the peels. Let them cool a bit before rolling in sugar and drying on a baking rack or waxed paper.

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Enjoy them at room temperature or refrigerated, either placed by a lover into your waiting mouth or served up special by you. They also make tasty swizzle sticks! This collection will ask, How does prison life complicate and at times create lesbian romance? We welcome backstory and memories, intimate romance, wicked fantasies, risky tussles, secret trysts, and self-pleasure in a restrictive space with little to no privacy.

Lesbians or other women-with-women only.

Men may appear in a story but not as lovers. Trans characters welcome if they fit the lesbian or women-with-women category. No rape or any form of nonconsensual sex, though reference to past trauma e. BDSM is fine. No underage sex, incest, bestiality, or graphic violence. Complications, yes. Tragedy, no. We are not looking for Orange is the New Black fan fiction. Stories and characters must be original.

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Expect a confirmation email upon receipt. Bella Books has final right of refusal on all submissions. Being a post in which Salome reviews the opening lines of her recent fiction. Because I had a prolific spring and summer, I decided to end August with an overview and rating of my own first lines from recently published, forthcoming, and under-consideration stories.

Ah, Self-Indulgent Procrastination, hallowed be thy name! I love all of these stories, but considering them by their first line is another matter. In writing this, I learned that my attention to giving opening lines serious punch varies by style, genre, and intent. Sometimes I put my all into the opening line, other times it takes a full paragraph.

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But I never do the slow warm-up where it takes more than that first paragraph to grab the reader. I find that a real mistake in short erotic fiction. Grab the reader hard and then back up if needed to sprinkle in the texture and details. What do you expect from opening lines? What are your favorites? How'd I do in rating my own? Recently published : 1. Moonshine Ballad. The Sexy Librarian's Book of Erotica. Rose Caraway.