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Cycling Mexico: Bicycle Touring Advice For A Mexico Bike Ride
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Bicycle touring in Mexico and Central America is a fascinating way to explore the continent. There are many reasons to travel on a bicycle. You get to know the local life, have the freedom to go anywhere and explore corners of every country that hardly see any other tourists. We ended up spending almost 2 years cycling around Mexico and Central America.

Instead, we took lots of detours to explore different areas in every country. Out of the Cycling the Huasteca has been one of our favourite routes in the whole trip.

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You will also have great camping spots next to rivers and gorgeous waterfalls to swim and camp at every night. Here, the slower the better. Cycle less, camp more and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy. This was the section we enjoyed the most in the entire Belize.

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Most of the country is flat and kind of boring for touring, but the road connecting Belmopan with Dangriga is very different. Continuous ups and downs but not long climbs , very green, lots of trees providing shade, small towns on the way… a very pleasant ride.

The only shame is that you cross it in just one day. Our best advice to cycle the Baja Peninsula is to get off highway 1 as much as possible and this is the best detour for bicycle touring. From San Felipe the road is now completely paved all the way to Bahia Gonzaga. A gorgeous stretch with very little traffic where the road goes along side the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez providing amazing viewpoints at every turn.

This is a nice detour from the panamerican highway where you can enjoy some of the quietest roads in Costa Rica.

Bosque de Chapultepec

You will be pedalling through pure wilderness so keep an eye on the trees for scarlet macaws, tucans, sloths and more. In Panama, the interamericana highway has a lot of traffic and normally there is no shoulder.

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Available sizes may vary from country to country. Our athletes ride Liv bikes in competition, during training, and for fun. While putting Liv bikes through the paces, our athletes have the opportunity to dial in their fit and make sure they are on the right size bike. Because, when it comes down to it, it's not just your height that plays a role in what size bike you will choose. So, we've asked Liv athletes and ambassadors to share their information to help you make a more informed decision when choosing the bike size you will ride.

Liv’s Bike Fit and Size Guide

General: Pack layers of clothing, essentially for mild or hot weather depending on the time of the year. Your included bike is a 10 gear Specialized hybrid bike with front suspension and will be the correct frame size for your height. It was fine when we cycled through in February The challenge of financing active mobility improvements is not exclusive to Mexico City. This was the section we enjoyed the most in the entire Belize. Our dedicated flights team will match the best flight options to your arrival and departure airport.

Still, nothing compares to jumping on a bike and taking it for a test ride before your purchase. That's why we recommend visiting your local bike shop or trying a bike at a Liv bike demo event near you. After any bike purchase, a professional fit is always highly recommended.

I prefer 50mm stems on my mountain bikes, but the Liv Pique and Hail already come with a 50mm stem! I also like thin grips especially if they are worn a bit , so I tend to put my favorites on any new bike I think with a dialed cockpit that is almost the same from bike to bike, I am most comfortable.

I run a shorter stem 35mm, bars are cut to mm, the cranks I run are mm, and I swapped to a larger mm fork.

Cycling in Mexico

The seat I run is stock, the Liv contact SL saddle. I like this flatter saddle to allow me to scoot forwards and back during climbs and flat ground pedaling. I love the confidence and speed it inspires in me.

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The Hail is a mini DH bike that can pedal so there is no track out of its depth and can make you feel very secure and confident as well as push your riding beyond what you would expect. Most comfortable bikes I have ever ridden. When you ride a bike that fits, you forget about the bike, it is just an extension of your body, working with you to move you forward.

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We work with a bikefitter inside the team who created the exact set-up.