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The Power of Communion: Accessing Miracles Through the Body and Blood of Jesus
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Why did the church continually decline and oppose reform or revival? Why were revival leaders often ignored or persecuted? What were the characteristics of reform and revival movements? Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations I am with you all the way, even to the end of the earth. This rough guide will help you put the various revivals and awakenings into historical periods.

It is not meant to be accurate. It is a general overview, which we will then explore in detail. Revival brought many social reforms including the abolition of slavery in Great Britain. Some historians believe this revival saved England from a revolution like the one in France. In the East, Timothy Dwight was used in the college setting. In Charles Finney, a lawyer, was converted and became an evangelist and social reformer. This revival was characterised by evangelistic camp meetings, social reforms and missions.

Revival broke out, and then went south of the border. Within 6 months, up to 10, business men were praying daily for revival. Revival spread to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well. Newspaper reports. Crime dropped. Miners transformed. Soccer matches cancelled. Osborne, Billy Graham and others began national ministries in the U. Argentina; Brisbane C. Their example and influence can inspire and help us today as we to face social problems and the need for powerful revival and evangelism.

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From in Germany: Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians, experienced revival with a baptism in the Holy Spirit, unity, prayer their 24 hour prayer vigil lasted over years! Topic Notes See: 1. Excerpts from Christian History in the Readings. Excerpts from the Journal of John Wesley in the Readings. The Renewal Journal on www. Readings: Zinzendorf and the Moravians. We do not judge by a part: the way it began, the instruments emphasised, the means used, the methods that have been taken. We judge by the effects upon the people Isa.

We should judge by the whole of Scripture, not our own personal rules and measures, nor some portion of Scripture. We should distinguish the good from the bad, and not judge the whole by the parts. Summation: We can become so paranoid of extremism that we actually sin by grieving the Holy Spirit and stopping his work.

To accomplish his work, God seems more willing at times to tolerate extreme behaviour that is not clearly sinful than we are. We should judge by the fruit of the work in general. The Bible was more greatly esteemed; multitudes had been brought to conviction of truth and certainty of the gospel; and the Indians were more open to the gospel than ever before. We should judge by the fruit of the work in particular instances.

Edwards wrote of many examples of people who had been transported into the glories of heavenly realms for hours at a time. Great rejoicing, transports visions and dreams , and trembling have produced an increase in humility, holiness, and purity. Answered prayers became the norm. We should judge by the glory of the work. Edwards passionately called for the church to be seized by the rapture, glory, and enthusiasm of God. Why did the small group of Moravians have such a wide impact? Why did George Whitfield impact both England and America? What were the main contributions of Jonathan Edwards and John Wesley?

What is the significance of Zinzendorf, Whitefield, Wesley and Edwards for today? Following decline in spiritual life, churches in Britain and America prayed again for revival. It produced a new zeal for missions, with many mission societies formed to evangelise the nations, especially the coastlands. Similarly, today revival stirs people to evangelise and reach the nations of the world. Local revivals began again in England through prayer meetings for revival.

Revivals in frontier camp meetings were sustained by circuit riders visiting the settlements. Revival in the colleges produced commitment to missions. These revivals produced further social reforms. He urged: Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.


What place did prayer have in the second awakening? Why did camp meetings become popular in America? What caused the development of new missionary societies? Why did Finney form a link between the second and third awakenings? What can we learn from the second awakening for today? Leaders coming out of those revival movements included Jeremiah Lanphier, and the evangelistic ministries of C.

Spurgeon and D. Similarly, today prayer groups are multiplying around the world in unprecedented ways. More and more people are stepping into powerful revival ministries. Revival broke out, then went south of the border. Revival in Northern Ireland, spread to Wales and Scotland as well.

Moody were leaders in revival in the last half of the nineteenth century. Why did prayer meetings spread rapidly?

Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity

I think they are doing as well as anyone could expect in my case. On his own testimony, as well as that of the Acts , he was prone to visions and other ecstatic conditions 2 Cor. What happened to the ancestors of the deceased covenant partner? The speech was reported in the newspapers of March 15th, Jesus became a curse — to redeem us out of any curse that may be upon us.. The terrible battles only become publicly known when Balinese natives who have been involved in them are converted to Christianity and confess their secret sins.

Why was Jeremiah Lanphier typical of leaders in that revival? What were similarities between revival in America and England? How did those revivals affect the ministries of Spurgeon and Moody? How are current revivals similar to the Third Awakening? It seemed to begin in the innumerable number of small prayer groups of people crying out to God for revival.

Those outpourings continue today, and are still controversial as they were then. As we continue to seek God, He continues to move on us also bringing repentance, hearts aflame with love for God and zeal in service and ministry. Crime dropped, miners were transformed, society changed.

It helped bring the Pentecostal movement into being. September at New Quay: Seth Joshua, evangelist: - remarkable moves of the Spirit in his meetings. Monday 19th, Revival is breaking out here in greater power They break out into prayer, praise, testimony and exhortation. Tuesday 20th Wednesday 21st, Yes, several souls Thursday 22nd, We held another remarkable meeting tonight. I also think that those seeking assurance may be fairly counted as converts, for they had never received Jesus as personal Saviour before Orr He offered for the ministry in Deep encounter with God and had a vision of all Wales being lifted up to heaven.

After this he regularly slept lightly till 1 a. Evan Roberts returned home at end of October never finished Bible College! The Spirit of God convicted people as Evan Roberts insisted: 1. You must put away any unconfessed sin. You must put away any doubtful habit. You must obey the Spirit promptly. You must confess Christ publicly. He believed that a baptism in the Spirit was the essence of revival and that the primary condition of revival is that individuals should experience such a baptism in the Spirit.

Begun with prayer meetings of less than a score of intercessors, when it burst its bounds the churches of Wales were crowded for more than two years. A hundred thousand outsiders were converted and added to the churches, the vast majority remaining true to the end. Drunkenness was immediately cut in half, and many taverns went bankrupt. Crime was so diminished that judges were presented with white gloves signifying that there were no cases of murder, assault, rape or robbery or the like to consider. Stoppages occurred in coal mines, not due to unpleasantness between management and workers, but because so many foul-mouthed miners became converted and stopped using foul language that the horses which hauled the coal trucks in the mines could no longer understand what was being said to them, and transportation ground to a halt.

Orr India Pandita Ramabai established the Mukti mission south of Bombay for orphan and widowed girls and women, many of them very young widows. It grew to 2, In June revival swept through the mission and teams began going out into the villages on mission, affecting thousands of people. It was Pentecostal in many ways, including tongues being used by many. In October revival spread through the Tamils in the south of India. Amy Carmichael reported on that unexpected visitation.

Korea The first Protestant missionaries went to Korea in the s. By the s one quarter of South Koreans were Christian. Revival in Korea - Presbyterian missionaries, hearing of revival in Wales, and of a similar revival among Welsh Presbyterian work in Assam, prayed earnestly for Korea. The leaders allowed everyone to pray aloud simultaneously as so many were wanting to pray, and that became a characteristic of Korean prayer meetings. The meetings carried on day after day, with confessions of sins, weeping and trembling.

The heathen were astounded. The delegates of the New Year gathering returned to their churches taking with them this spirit of prayer which strongly impacted the churches of the nation with revival. Everywhere conviction of sin, confession and restitution were common. Over a million gather every morning around 5 a.

Prayer and fasting is normal. Churches have over prayer retreats in the hills called Prayer Mountains to which thousands go to pray, often with fasting. Healings and supernatural manifestations continue.

Narrow Path Ministries

Seoul alone has 6, churches. Koreans have sent over 10, missionaries into Asia. David Yonggi Cho has amazing growth in Seoul; church of , with over 25, home cell groups, and 12, conversions every month. During the week over 3, a day and over 5, at weekends pray at their prayer mountain. From February that year they prayed all night every Saturday. It soon spread, but caused division among the Methodists, so eventually Hoover left and formed the Pentecostal Methodist Church in Chile, which is now a large denomination.

What caused the Welsh revival? Why was Evan Roberts so significant? What made the Azusa Street revival so important? How did Pentecostalism spread in England and America? What is significant in the Welsh revival and Azusa Street revival for us now? The early years of the twentieth century saw the establishment of Pentecostal churches and many outpourings of the Spirit around the world. A few representative examples are covered here. The twentieth century of outpourings of the Spirit has culminated in current revivals, and we can learn from the faith and faithfulness of pioneers early in the century.

Local revivals have been common in the twentieth century. The church in Africa has growth through repeated revivals. The Pentecostal revival began developing new churches or denominations. Sometimes revival breaks into church life as in East Anglia in the s Topic Notes Africa 10 million Christians in million in the s. My whole body trembled with the power. The Holy Spirit moved upon mission schools, spread to churches and to whole communities, producing deep repentance and changed lives.

Many Pentecostal denominations emerged through the s as the movement grew. The Assemblies of God became a host organisation for many churches, as did the Church of God based in Cleveland. She dedicated the Angelus Temple seating 5, on 1 January, , established their Bible College, and planted many churches. Through the depression of the s they met the needs of 1.

An early Holiness Pentecostal evangelist wrote an excellent book, like a Journal, of his pioneering faith ministry in rural America in the s. It is Remarkable Miracles by Guy Bevington Bridge, and is highly recommended for personal reading and for passing on to friends! Many missions in East Anglia in ; meetings in 18 months Conversions in Yarmouth; many Scottish fishermen; Jock Troup - Scottish evangelist visited in Oct-Nov: strongly impacted. Revival spread in coastal towns and into Scotland.

How did revivals ignite in various places? Why did they subside? What can we learn for today from these local revivals? Osborne, and others. Those mid-century revival movements opened the way for subsequent renewal and revival in the churches with the charismatic movement and the emergence of further independent churches, which still affect the church today. Osborne, Billy Graham and others began international ministries in evangelism and healing. Powerful revival touched the Hebrides Islands of Scotland from Beginning with powerful prayer and local revivals, Argentina saw its largest stadiums filled for the Tommy Hicks crusade in with , filling in decisions cards.

William Branham filled huge stadiums in America and Europe, ministered with accurate and powerful words of knowledge and healing, and challenged the church to believe in spiritual healing through prayer. Although the end of his ministry was marked with some delusions, he was a powerful pioneer in the healing ministry, now widely accepted.

Oral Roberts became the best known healing evangelist in America, ministering in a tent which could seat 12, people and praying personally for millions in long healing lines at his meetings. He pioneered healing ministry in T. Kathryn Kuhlman had been an evangelist from her youth, but from she began teaching on the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit and seeing people healed in large numbers in her meetings.

Her ministry has been multiplied in others such as Benny Hinn. They conducted huge crusades overseas, especially in third world countries, and regularly planted churches a year there. He ministers in crusades with combined churches. Latter Rain Revival - s Joel - former and latter rain Precedents: 1. William Branham - laying on hands Franklin Hall - prayer and fasting Independent churches - autonomy A new thing - Isa. Break from Bethel Bible Institute By Peggy and Christine Smith 84 and 82 prayed constantly in their cottage near Barvas village on the Isle of Lewis.

Praying: conviction that revival was near. Minister James Murray Mackay called church leaders to prayer: three nights a week. As they waited on God his awesome presence swept over them in the barn at 4 a. Mackay invited Duncan Campbell. God was beginning to move, the heavens were opening, we were there on our faces before God. About a dozen men and women lay prostrate on the floor, speechless. Something had happened; we knew that the forces of darkness were going to be driven back, and men were going to be delivered.

We left the cottage at 3 a. I walked along a country road, and found three men on their faces, crying to God for mercy. There was a light in every home, no one seemed to think of sleep C. Whittaker, Great Revivals. Church crowded next morning - buses, vans. God led them. Large numbers converted, many lying prostrate, many weeping. Duncan pronounced benediction then a young man prayed for 45 minutes.

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Again the church filled with people repenting and the service continued till 4 a. Crowds repenting on roads, at police station. That move of God in answer to prevailing prayer continued in the area into the fifties and peaked again on the previously resistant island of North Uist in Meetings were again crowded and night after night people cried out to God for salvation. The church soon filled - weeping, confessing and praying. They prayed for her, and she got up and drank tea with them. They prayed for him and he was healed. Angel entered the Institute with him - students awake with the fear of God.

Tommy Hicks - - vision - map of South America — wheat harvest - turned into people calling for help. Prophecy written in his Bible - Going to Argentina before two summers passed. Brazil also had revival. Edwin Orr visited each of the 25 states and territories in Brazil in seeing powerful moves of the spirit in his meetings which were supported by all denominations. How did the international healing evangelism ministries begin? What triggered the Hebrides revival? What preceded revival in Argentina? From the s the Pentecostal message increasingly spread into denominational churches.

The s movement produced many independent churches and movements in Australia also, such as Christian Outreach Centre. Topic Notes Charismatic Renewal - From The s The Pentecostal message and experience began to surface in thousands of denominational churches from the s. Dennis Bennett, an Anglican minister, became a leader in charismatic renewal because of those developments in his church in America, but the same thing was happening around the world.

From this movement also emerged in the Catholic Church. Chapel - 10 o'clock - many weeping in repentance, testimonies including confession of sin, and all this was mixed with spontaneous singing. Lectures cancelled for the day as the auditorium filled with over 1, people. Few left for meals. By midnight over still remained praying and worshipping. Almost half the student body of was involved in the teams - 16 states in one week - several thousand conversions. After six weeks over 1, teams had gone out to witness.

The Jesus People - By June revival movements had spilled over into the society with thousands of young people gathering in halls and theatres to sing, witness and repent, quitting drugs and immorality. The pendulum had swung from the permissive hippie drop-outs of the sixties to a new wave of conversion and cleansing in the seventies. Time magazine carried a cover article on the Jesus Movement. Calvary chapel began with Church Smith Mass baptisms were held in the ocean with outdoor meetings and teams witnessing on the beaches and in the city streets.

Canadian Revival - Bill McLeod, a Baptist minister in his mid-fifties - healings - women with cancer, saw Jesus - healed in prayer. In his agony he cried out, "Oh, God, stop or I will die. God opened his hand and showed that he had been crushed to the size of an egg, but that the egg was gold. At that moment he received power from above - experience would return while he was in prayer Twin evangelists Ralph and Lou Sutera - Saskatoon. Wednesday 13 October By the weekend an amazing spirit gripped the people. Many confessed their sins publicly.

The first to do so were the twelve counsellors chosen to pray with inquirers. Numbers grew rapidly till the meetings had to be moved to a larger church building and then to the Civic Auditorium seating - taxi drivers at all hours — restitution conscience money - youth in schools. The meetings lasted many hours. People did not want to leave.

Some stayed on for a later meeting called the Afterglow. He announced the closing hymn, whereupon a hundred people came out of their seats and knelt at the front of the church. Many were in tears. All were from the Canadian Midwest, which is not known for its euphoria. It could be said that what I was witnessing was revival. I believe it was. On a Sunday morning in Iowa, USA, he attended a church in his working clothes and was invited to tell about the revival.

The next Sunday people attended in two churches. After a few weeks five churches were filled. The German speaking churches were also touched by the revival and by May they chartered a flight to Germany for teams to minister there. Indonesian Revival - s - Bible School in East Java - revival - deep repentance, confession, renunciation of occult practices, burnings of fetishes and amulets, humility and unity among staff and students - powerful evangelism in teams. Young man had vision - repented — confessed - sound of wind, flames - fire bell was rung by police!

Mel Tari - part of Team God spoke audibly as with Samuel or Saul of Tarsus, Many had visions as did Mary or Cornelius, There were inspired dreams such as Jacob, Joseph or Paul saw, Prophecies as in Israel and the early church occurred, The Lord often spoke through specific Bible verses, Circumstances proved to be God-incidences not just co-incidences, Confirmations and unity as with Paul and Barnabas at Antioch. Left in - The church was Anointed for Burial Burke Beginning at Honiara, the capital, Muri spent two months visiting churches - national leaders and missionaries experienced deep conviction and repentance, publicly confessing bad attitude - new unity and harmony.

Then in the last two weeks of these meetings the Spirit of God moved even more powerfully in the meetings with more deep repentance and weeping, sometimes even before the visiting team arrived. At one meeting the Spirit of God came upon everyone after the message in a time of silent prayer when the sound of a gale came above the gathering of people. Everywhere people were praying together every day. They had a new hunger for God's Word. People were sensitive to the Spirit and wanted to be transparently honest and open with God and one another.

Normal lectures in the Bible School were constantly abandoned as the Spirit took over the whole school with times of confession, prayer and praise. Teams from these areas visited other islands, and the revival caught fire there also. Eventually pastors from the Solomons were visiting other Pacific countries and seeing similar moves of God there also. Engas, Png - Prayer meetings began among pastors, missionaries and Bible College students in the Baptist mission area among Engas of the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea in the early s owing to the low spiritual state in the churches.

This prayer movement spread to the villages. In some villages people agreed to pray together everyday until God sent new life to the church. Revival broke out in many villages on Sunday 16 September. Many hundreds of people, deeply convicted of sin, repented and were reconciled to God and others with great joy - healings, deliverance. Tari, Png - The Huli speaking people of the United Church in Tari in the Southern Highlands experienced revival from August , with much confession, many tears, and deliverance from spirit powers.

That revival spread to surrounding areas also. Diyos Wapnok attended from the Baptist Mission area at Telefolmin. He heard God call his name three times. Thursday afternoon 10 March, , at Duranmin - Bible College - 50 filled with the Holy Spirit and great joy - bright light - confession and repentance. Many churches of new believers were established and in the next three years at least 3, new believers were baptised.

Djiniyini Gondarra had returned from holidays that day and people met in his manse for prayer that night where the Spirit fell on them, as at Pentecost. They met all night and many were filled with the Spirit and many healed. The movement spread rapidly from there throughout Arnhem Land. Teams travelled to many aboriginal communities in Australia spreading the fire. There was repentance, confession, weeping and great joy. Stolen goods were returned or replaced, and wrongs made right. Crowds stayed up most of the night as the Spirit touched people deeply, many resting in the Spirit, others praying in tongues.

Students went out on powerful mission into the villages. For three days the people were drunk in the Spirit. Healing and miracles occurred. On the Monday they burned their magic and witchcraft fetishes. For 8 weekends straight he led camps where 3, took part and 2, were converted. Cuba - Revival swept Cuba in One A. In central Cuba a miraculous healing in one church led to nine days of meetings in which 1, people were saved. The pastors were imprisoned, but the revival continued. In another church over 15, accepted Christ in three months. Independent Churches And Movements These revivals began producing thousands of independent churches and movements which did not fit easily into traditional churches.

Africa experienced a massive mushrooming of thousands of these church and movements. Some of the better known examples at the vineyard churches in America and the Christian Outreach Centres in Australia. These are still developing and expanding, often while traditional churches are declining.

What was common in the revivals around the early seventies? What is different between denominational charismatic groups and Pentecostals? Millions are becoming Christians, including over 10 million a year in China and in Africa. Fresh outpourings of the Spirit keep hitting the headlines - often in the secular press also.

Much of this current revival is so recent that history is being made while we study it! The recent copies of the Renewal Journal now a publication of the School of Ministries will give you more details on this and you can order them direct from the college. Issues No. God is pouring out His Spirit in all the earth more than ever before. Those revival blessings are impacting Australia also.

Information on revival and church growth is now amazing. Topic Notes China - 1 million Christians - - million. A pastor imprisoned for over 22 years left behind a church of people in hills - in s grown to 5, Three years later it had trebled to 15, Evangelists who saw converted in each village they visited in the eighties now report or more being converted in their visits. Report of whole villages won through visions of Jesus and miraculous healings.

Nepal The church in previously resistant Nepal in the Himalayas is growing steadily. David Wang tells of a former Lama priest nicknamed Black Bravery, who has been an illiterate pastor for 15 years. By the nineties he led 43 fellowships with total of 32, people. Another pastor in a remote area has 40, Christians in his region.

Most conversions in Nepal involve casting out demons to set people free. There are thousands and thousands! Muslims More Muslims have come to Christ in the past decade than in the previous thousand years. Christians in Iran have recently grown in number from 2, to over 12, according to Abe Ghaffari of Iranian Christians International. An additional 12, Iranian Christians live in Western nations. Harvest has begun among the Kurds who have been hounded into refugee camps where Christians have helped and comforted them. The first Kurdish church in history has resulted.

Many Kurds are open to the Gospel. Africa The church in the Sudan is suffering under Islamic edicts. Missionaries expelled, pastors imprisoned, and Christians persecuted. Phenomenal church growth reported, especially in the south and the Nuba mountains region. A church leader wrote from Asaba, Nigeria, in , telling how their church had increased from to 3, within 6 months.

A team of just over went on outreach, first in Sokoto State where they started 5 churches involving 1, converts within 3 months. Then they went to Bomu State where 3 branches were planted with over 1, converts in all. In one country, where all Christian meetings are illegal, believers rented a soccer stadium and 5, people gathered. Police came to disperse the meeting and left in confusion. Reinhard Bonnke had massive healing evangelistic crusades in Africa, often with hundreds of thousands attending in the open air. In February, , in spiritually resistant Ethiopia, up to , attended his meetings daily.

In five days more than , made commitments to Christ and as many were filled with the Spirit and thousands received healing. Recently, as in Nigeria, millions have attended his meetings, with masses saved, baptised in the Spirit, healed and empowered. Daniel Kolenda, his disciple and successor continues this ministry of healing evangelism with Christ for All Nations. The church grew rapidly. Ruth was then involved in a prayer group which met after the Sunday night service. Dawna DeSilva.

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